Large waste items in sorting rooms!

Recently there has been a lot of improper waste in the sorting rooms (large waste items, such as furniture and home appliances).

Items to be recycled in the sorting room are

  • glass
  • metal
  • large cardboard and
  • large mixed waste (household waste that does not fit through the waste inlet hatch, e.g. bucket or a broken hockey stick).

Reusable furniture, home appliances and small reusable items can be donated to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre. The place for large waste items (such as mattresses and broken furniture) is the HSY Sortti-station. Both of them also offer a pick-up service.

Let’s keep the Sorting Room clean, thank you.

If you have large items that you want to get rid of, please use:

Pick-up service for reusable items:
tel. 050 501 4858 (Mon 8–16, Tue–Fri klo 9–16)

pick-up Sortti is a collection service for larger waste items:
tel. 09 1561 2110 (Mon-Fri 8:30 – 15:30)