Old Christmas trees are collected in January

Christmas is on its way! In advance, can we inform you that old Christmas trees are collected in Kruunuvuorenranta during weeks 1-4 (3.1. – 31.1.2022).

Collecting points are outside every Kruunuparkki (regional parking garage):

  • Kruunuparkki 1: Mellinintie 7
  • Kruunuparkki 2: Föglönkuja 5
  • Kruunuparkki 3: Gunillantie 13
  • Kruunuparkki 4: Rosalankuja 8
  • Kruunuparkki 5: Koirasaarentie 48

Place your old Christmas tree carefully into the stack without clogging passages.

Please do not leave your old Christmas tree in the sorting room or in front of the waste tubes.

Thank you!