11.4. Recycling centre’s truck and 12.4. HSY:s truck on tour!

On Monday 11th of April

the Recycling Centre’s truck will arrive at three locations in Kruunuvuorenranta. You can bring home ware, clothing and textiles suitable for reuse, intact and clean, as well as bicycles of all condition, their parts and household electronics.

17.00–17.25 Hopeakaivoksentie 45 After the waste station, textile collection point Kruunuvuorenranta 00590
17.40–18.05 Koirasaarentie 23 Between D- ja E-stairs Kruunuvuorenranta 00590
18.20–18.45 Köökarinkuja 1 HSY’s containers Kruunuvuorenranta 00840

On Tuesday 12th of April at 19.20-20.00.

HSY’s truck is touring in Laajasalo. The nearest location is the turning point of Rudolfintie 21, where the truck is waiting for scrap metal, electrical and hazardous waste.